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Semiauto Handguns

Here are the handguns that I own, and the use/ purpose for each.  Many people ask which is the best handgun for self defense.  Like many others, my answer is simply the one that you can accuratly shoot and the one that you are more likely to bring have on you.  Self defense here is defined as defense against an assailent usually away from your primary residence.   Here, portability and concealability is key or else it gets left in the car.
For many years, my primary CCW was the Sig P239.  I could shoot the 9mm round accurately with very little felt recoil.  The IWB holster and crimson laser were ideal for CCW.
Then I met the Glock!  My Glock 19 has 15 rounds (over twice the capacity of the Sig P239), and the reliability and simiplicity are key factors.  Also, the accuracy and ability to absorb felt recoil is a plus.  The hard thing was to find a concealed carry holster.  I had to go to a Crossbreed holster (leather against your body with a kydex frame) that was designed to work with my Crimson trace laser.
For Home Defense it's a toss up between my Glock 19 and my Glock 30.  I have frangible ammo for the 9mm and 45 ACP.  I can shoot both well but I'm more confident and more accurate with the 9mm.  Edit Text


Pocket Gun- 380 Auto
These guns are small enough to carry in your pocket.  These are the most likely to get carried anywhere you go.  380 is the smallest round for self defense.  However these small babies can carry a kick.  Remember, bigger framed guns absorb the felt recoil.
Pros:  Small, accurate, laser is a big plus, nice safety, inexpensive
Cons:  A bit large for a pocket gun, smaller ones can be found.
Pros:  Very small, easily concealed
Cons:  Sights are small, hard to see
9 mm Semi-auto
These guns have more knockdown power and also more energy that needs to be absorbed by the gun.  Thus they are larger than the pocket guns.  All of these guns are primarily IWB concealed carry weapons.
Pros:  Great CCW gun, reliable and accurate.  Absorbs felt recoil.
Cons: Limited magazine capacity
Pros:  Accurate with high capacity magazines.
Cons: Large, not suitable for CCW
Pros:  Accurate, reliable, suitable for CCW, no unnecessary safety to fumble with
Cons: None so far
40 S&W Semiauto
Higher power than 9mm makes this gun a good "car gun" if you think about penetration of windshields, etc. 
I have only a single 40 S&W and it can be carried concealed in a IWB holster.
Pros:  Higher Power than 9mm, good night sights, high capacity 12 round mags
Cons:  Hard to find IWB holster that fits with Laser.  I'm using an Uncle Mike's #15
45 ACP Semiauto
Classic manstopper round.  Depending on ammunition, may have too much penetration.  Suggest frangible rounds for home defense.  Ammo is readily available.
Pros:  Great self defense round, great reliability, great trigger, excellent accuracy, no fancy safety to fumble with.
Cons: Overpenetration for home defense w/o frangible ammo.  IWB leather holster may have to be cut to expand and fit the micro uni laser.
10mm Semiauto
This is the round that the FBI had to shorten/ reduce power because some agents complained about too much felt recoil.  The resulting round was the 40 S&W.  This round has more velocity with a heavier bullet than a 357 magnum and is ideal as a camping/ trail gun.
Pros:  Familiar Glock pros like excellent accuracy, reliability, knockdown power
Cons:  May be a bit bulky (thick) for IWB CCW