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Glock 30 45 ACP

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Glock 30 45 ACP


Accuracy - power - speed

The GLOCK 30 in the legendary .45 caliber
offers excellent out-of-the- box precision
paired with the ballistic quality of a genuine
big-bore caliber. The smooth design and the simple
operation of the GLOCK pistol allow quick drawing
of the pistol. Because of these advantages and especially because of its compact dimensions, the GLOCK 30 is the
first choice of plainclothes officers and protection personnel.


GLOCK 30 short frame (SF) with TRU GLO tritium fiber optic night sights.  These sights glo as brightly during the day as they do at night.  Many in the Biz are now running these sights.  Also comes with one extra magazine.  These sights go for as much as $112 on some sites.  Has rails for adding a tactical light or laser.  TLR2 Strobe Light & Laser round out this package.



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