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Dogs, Protection Training

Mike's Home Page

Dogs, Protection Training Links

New GSD from Czech Republic, Lik

Nyla v Alpine Safety

German Shepherd Jack Protects the Diaz Family from a midnight Intruder!

My current Czech German Shepherd Jack

Cody Van Den Heuvel-    Czech Border Patrol bloodlines.

Era z Travnickova dvora CS.  Era is my current Czech Import, protection trained femaile German Shepherd Dog.  She is calm with children, solid nerves, extreme prey drives and has nice solid defense.

Picture Gallery- Pictures of my past dogs.

Alpine Safety K9, "The Original Importer of Czech Border Patrol Dogs"

Van Den Heuvel K9- Specializes in Czech Imports, Border Patrol Puppies.

Arizona Valley Schutzhund Club

Grand Canyon German Shepherd Dog Club- AKC events, NAPD events, and general German Shepherd Dog Club for Arizona GSD owners.

Alyeska German Sheperds- Specializing in Belgian German Shepherds and Imports.

Protection Sports Association- PSA titles, competition for protection trained dogs.

Saphire German Shepherds- Specializing in Czech Border Patrol Imports.

http://siriusdog.com/index.htm- Site for breeders, sellers of Serious Working Dogs of all breeds.

Jinopo Kennels- Source for many of the Czech Border Patrol Importers.