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Sig P239 SAS(DAK) w/ Crimson Laser Grips

The P239® DAK™ is a small large caliber pistol chambered in 9mm. Its slim profile provides excellent handling characteristics making the P239 ideally suited for almost any shooter. Developed by the renowned engineers at Sauer for the SIG SAUER® pistols, the new DAK trigger system delivers a safe, reliable and consistent 7 pound double-action only trigger pull with double-strike capability.
A concealed carry version is offered called SIG Anti-Snag or SAS. It has a dehorned stainless steel slide with custom SIG wooden grips and the DAK trigger system.


  • Caliber 9mm
  • Trigger Pull DAK 7 lbs
  • Overall Length 6.60”
  • Overall Height 5.1”
  • Overall Width 1.2”
  • Barrel Length 3.6”
  • Sight Radius 5.2”
  • Sights Contrast Available W/ SIGLITE®
  • Night Sights
  • Weight w/ Mag 27.5 oz / 29.7 oz
  • Mag Capacity 9mm (8) .357(7) .40 (7)
  • Crimson Laser Grips



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