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LRB AR-15 lower with POF Predator Gas Piston Upper, 223

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LRB AR-15 lower with POF Predator Gas Piston Upper, 223


P.O.F-USA has engineered, manufactured and tested this system. They have eliminated features of the Gas Operating System such as gas-rings, gas tube, gas key. The P-415 Gas-Piston system also eliminates Heat, Carbon build up and Gas Leaks which can have an adverse effect on the operating system. The biggest issue being “HEAT”. A weapons first priority, must be “RELIABILITY”.

POF has engineered the entire system using standard “AR15/M16″ style parts such as the flat top receiver and bolt. They add only three additional parts to operate our gas piston uppers (Gas plug, Gas piston, and push rod). All uppers come standard with C.R.O.S ™ (Corrosion Resistant Operating System), which allows our weapon system to operate without the need of lubricant.

Information and Specifications:


  • 14.5 WITH FIXED FLASH HIDER TOTAL 16" Heavy contour, Fluted to reduce weight and Heat
  • 4150 Mil-B-1159F Vanadium Alloy (machinegun rated)
  • Chrome Lined barrel (rifling, chamber, M4 barrel extension), and Manganese phosphate
  • “5R” Polygonal Rifled barrels from Rock Creek Barrels, Inc.
  • Chamber: 5.56 mm Nato (.223 Cal.)
  • 1x8 twist

C.R.O.S. (Corrosion Resistant Operating System): Chrome plated: Barrel, Gas Block/Tube (billet machined), Gas Plug (billet machined), Gas Piston (billet machined), Bolt Carrier Assembly (one piece billet machined), Silicone Nickel plated A3 Flattop Upper Receiver and Charging Handle.


Bolt & Carrier: Chrome plated 8620 Integral Keyed Steel Bolt Carrier (billet machined), heat treated / plated per Mil Spec. Chrome plated Bolt, heat treated, to Mil-spec

Sights: Fixed Removable Hooded, Snag Free Front Site Assembly(OPTIONAL)

Upper Receiver: A3 Flattop, Forged 7075-T6 aircraft aluminum alloy Silicone Nickel & Black Hard coat Anodized per Mil Spec and Teflon coated black M4 Feed Ramp Cuts in Receiver

Handguards: Ergo ladder rail covers Sling/Bi-pod mount Predator P-11SX Tactical Rail system™ Heat Sink Barrel Nut

Other Features

  • Stock: Magpul MOE collapsible stock
  • Geissele AR15 Super Semi-Automatic Trigger
  • EOTech red dot sight
  • Combat sling
  • Midland Industries flip up front and rear iron sights
  • Sure Fire tactical light/ laser with strobe
  • Collapsible handguard
  • LRB Lower receiver
  • Magpul see thru window magazine
  • Tactical charging handle



POF Upper, LRB Lower
Giesselle Trigger



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