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Stag Arms 6.8 SPC Sniper Rifle

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Stag Arms 6.8 SPC Sniper Rifle

This is a AR-15 target rifle, 6.8 mm SPC custom build by the owner of Cardinal Armory.
It features a 20" fluted chrome-lined 6.8 SPC barrel, free-float forend, adjustable gas system, National Match trigger and SWFA 16x Super Sniper rifle scope.
  • 6.8mm SPC, extremely acurate, and capable of easily and humanely taking deer, hogs and black bear up to 400 pounds with a single shot
  • 20" fluted chrome lined medium-weight barrel with M60 flash hider
  • Accuracy:  This rifle will shoot 1/2 MOA groups with Silver State Armory factory ammo.
  • DPMS Lo-Profile heavy-wall target upper receiver, no brass deflector or forward assist
  • M4 feed ramps for perfect feeding
  • YHM free float tube forend, set-screws to eliminate rotation
  • Includes rail at bottom-front of forend for attaching bipod
  • SWFA Super Sniper 16 x scope
  • Burris X-treme heavy-duty high rings
  • JP adjustable gas block (WARNING:  be sure you understand how this works before adjusting it, you can damage the rifle with a hot hand load and the adjustment too open.  Adjusts from fully closed single-shot to fully open semi-auto. 
  • Stag Arms 6.8 marked forged lower receiver
  • Rock River Arms National Match 2-stage trigger
  • VLTOR A2-length modstock with cheek-weld/battery compartment
  • Falcon ERGO ambedextrous grip
  • Continental Machine Tool 6.8 mm SPC bolt carrier group
  • Badger Tac-latch charging handle
  • Includes 1 6.8mm SPC 10 round magazine with single-shot follower installed
  • Weights 9 pounds, 14 ounces, 41 1/4" long overal

Stag 6.8 SPC Sniper


Stag 6.8 SPC Sniper

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