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Home Defense- Benelli M2 Semi Auto Shotgun

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Benelli M2 Semi-Augo

If your life depends on it, it had better be a Benelli. The Benelli M2 Inertia Driven semi-auto is a no-nonsense shotgun that police and military the world over reach for when the chips are down.

The M2 Field is the workhorse of the Benelli semi-auto line. Light, nimble, but ruggedly built, the Benelli M2 is built around the ultra-reliable Inertia Driven® bolt mechanism. The Inertia Driven® system allows the M2 to digest nearly any 12-gauge cartridge, from 2¾" target loads to the heaviest 3" magnums.

Benelli engineers have also adapted the ComforTechTM recoil system for the M2. This revolutionary system reduces felt recoil by up to 48%, and cuts muzzle climb by 15%. When combined, this puts the you back on target up to 69% faster than any other comparable semi-automatic shotgun. The M2 is not only faster, but with the new ComforTechTM system, it may be the most comfortable shotgun you ever will shoot.

11052 18.5" Pistol Grip Ghost Ring 39.75" 6.7 lbs.

  • Ghost Rings
  • 4 shell saddle w/ Picatinny rail, can be used for optics
  • Extended shells, packs 8 shells of 12 ga
  • Tactical light w/ strobe (disorients your assailent)
  • Sling 

Benelli M2 Semi_Auto
Bird Shot for Home defense, 00 Buck for SHF Manstopper

Benelli M2

Picatinny Rail w/ 4 shot side saddle

Versatile weapon for home defense or SHF