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Home Defense Guns- CX4

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Beretta CX4 Storm

  • 9mm frangible ammo, reduces penetration
  • Eotech red dot, quick site acquisition for CQB
  • TLR1 Light, you need to use a light for interior night work.  Remember, use indirect lighting techniques and don't point your weapon at anything you do not want to destroy.
  • Laser, to aid in accuracy.  Great intimidation factor and increases your confidence that you can hit your target.  Switch in hand-grip to activate laser.
  • Tactical sling.

CX4 at Ben Avery
Uses Frangible ammo in the home defense role

CX4 Storm
Very Short Barrel



Beretta CX4 Storm
9mm Home Defense carbine

Shorter barrel than most carbines, prevents assailant from grabbing barrel as you enter a room.