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Hailey Van Den Heuvel

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Hailey Van Den Heuvel

Hailey Van Den Heuvel
Working towards her Sch 1

Hailey is the daughter of Faro Policia.  Hailey Van Den Heuvel. Hailey is a very high powered female with a wonderful taste for all phases of work. She is currently in training and will be titled shortly.
Hailey is a very large boned female with a strong substantial body, along with a gorgeous head type. She is a very dark richly pigmented black sable female with a nice firm topline, high earset, dark eyes, and tight feet. She is exactly what every female should look like.
Hailey's sire is Faro Policia.
Hailey's Dam is Eime z Jenive.

Hailey Van Den Heuvel
Perfect Boning Structure

Hailey possesses excellent DDR/Border patrol working bloodlines. She was carefully linebred 5-4-5-6 on Held v. Ritterberg, 6-5-6-7 on Ingo v. Rudingen, and has several excellent working dogs that we have listed encompassed within her pedigree. Kass v. Furstendamm, Hanne v. Furstendamm, Golm v. Barutherland, Hassan v.d. Hasselwiesen, Gomo v. Schieferschloss, Bianca Hronovsky pramen, WUSV Abbe z Ansy to name a few.