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Vepr AK74 For Sale- $850
Most accurate AK74 you can find. 
Up for sale is a VEPR rifle in 5.45x39. This Russian AK47 variant was sold in the US by Robinson Armament. Built on a heavy-duty RPK receiver, this is by far one of the smoothest running AK's you can find.

Estimated usage on the rifle is around 500 rounds
This is a heavy-duty AK, with heavy barrel, trunion, and the build quality is the absolute best you can get for a Kalishnikov variant. If you think Bulgarian AKs are something, this will make your eyes pop. It has been exceptionally maintained and owned by myself since 2007 when I purchased it directly from the original owner.  This system works exceptional - it's rock-solid. With the build solidity of this AK, it makes shooting 5.45x39 so easy...recoil is sooo easy to control. This rifle is so solid, you think you're hanging onto a section of railroad rail, yet it's as smooth and precise as a swiss watch. One pull on the bolt handle and you can tell the difference between this rifle and any other AK on the market - there's nothing that compares. Wish I didn't need the money for other projects, but I do.
The Vepr's are built on an RPK thick receiver instead of the thin standard AK receiver. Barrel is also much thicker, heavier and chrome lined. These rifles truly are the best AK's built and due to them not being imported any more has made them rather hard to find. Comes with fully adjustable rear sight (windage and elevation),
Comes with
  • 4- 30 rd high capacity magazines
  • 5 low capcity mazines
  • User's Manual
  • Military style carrying pouch for magazines

Arsenal AK 47, SA M-7 Carbine 7.62x39- $850
SA M-7 (Ban Style) - US made, 7.62, milled receiver, pinned muzzle brake, cleaning rod, no bayonet lug, black polymer furniture, NATO buttstock.  Comes with the following:
  • Milled Receiver AK 47- currently selling for $850 on gunbroker.com
  • UltiMAK AK47 Optic Mount (front rail by the hand guard)- $100
  • 2 Bulgarion Waffle style high capacity 30 rnd magazines

Does not come with laser and light as shown on picture.

• Caliber: 7.62 x 39 mm

• Total Length: 943 mm

• Barrel Length: 415 mm

• Weight without Magazine: 3.67 kg

• Muzzle Velocity: 710 m/s

• Rate of Fire (practical): 40 rds/min

• Twist Rate: 1 in 240 mm

• Effective Range: 400 m

• Max Effective Range: 1350 m
Read the following rifle review of the SA M-7 AK:  http://www.smallarmsreview.com/pdf/sam7.pdf

The first thing you will notice about the SA M7 is that every line is perfectly straight and smooth. Every piece fits perfect with others around it. The hammer, trigger and disconnector are in absolute sync and all have a perfect relationship with their home in the receiver. If you have any hands-on experience with or have even owned an AK47 you must be asking yourself how this can be possible, and I will tell you right now. Arsenal, Inc manufactures their own parts and receivers.

SA M7 by Arsenal, Inc.

This is not your typical AK47

by Jeff W. Zimba

All AK47s are not created equal and it could not be more apparent than when you handle your first rifle manufactured by Arsenal, Inc. of Las Vegas, Neveda.

Every part is brand new. The parts they manufacture in house are done to exacting tolerances. Their quality requirements are so stringent that the only way to guarantee them is to actually forge and CNC mill each receiver, hammer, trigger and disconnector. The barrel is even hammer forged and chrome lined. There is an immediate and obvious benefit to the tight tolerances in the relationship between the hammer, trigger and disconnector as soon as you fire it.

Where several AK variants on the market are built with surplus parts, their loose relationship can disallow them to work in harmony. One common telltale symptom of a poor relationship between these parts is the painful forward trigger slap caused by the hammer hitting the trigger when the bolt carrier comes rearward. Another may be an occasional double tap caused by the hammer following the carrier forward. This is particularly dangerous as there is a chance it will fire out of battery causing damage to the rifle or even harm to the shooter.

When forging parts, as opposed to casting, the metal is poured from a single stock and actually pressed to shape. Forging compresses the density of the molecules and actually forces out bubbles and imperfections. This greatly adds to the strength of the finished product.

Due to the fact that each part is manufactured to such exacting specifications, the relationship between these parts is also nothing short of exacting, guaranteeing them to function in harmony. The rifles are assembled and quality assured by factory trained master craftsmen who are passionate about the product they ship out. Just like the staff here at Small Arms Review, the crew at Arsenal, Inc. are true gun enthusiasts and collectors. A genuine interest in your line of work always shows in the finished product and is obvious in this case as well.

Before these rifles leave the factory they are inspected, test fired and laser sighted for a distance of 100 yards. If a rifle is sighted in the traditional way by one person, the group may consistently be two inches high and right for a different shooter, and two inches low and left for yet another. Laser sighting completely eliminates any human error that is evident when sighting in with live ammo. The process uses two lasers. One laser is attached to the sights and the other in the bore. They are aligned with each other at 100 yards. Just as a testimonial to the quality of these rifles, of the thousands they have manufactured, none of Arsenal, Inc’s fir arms has ever failed to fire or has been improperly head-spaced at this stage.

As with most other products the quality of an item usually dictates the pricing. Before handling one of these rifles people often inquire about the price being approximately double that of many other AK variants. Over and above all the manufacturing details outlined above, These methods take considerably more time than other methods. Just for an example, once you are set up to build stamped receivers it is not unreasonable to have the ability to manufacture hundreds of units per day. On the opposite end of this spectrum it may take several hours to CNC mill only one receiver.

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