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RRA Lower w/ WOA Upper, 223 AR15

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RRA Lower w/ WOA Upper, 223 

YHM A3 upper w/M4 feed ramps, YHM smooth forearm w/rails, YHM Phantom FH, lo pro gas, BCM BCG, CH, BO tac latch, promag bipod mount.
Who else but White Oak Armament could bring you a barrel like this? Inspired by the Army's DM-R rifle, this Stainless Steel barrel features 12 large flutes to reduce weight and aid in cooling. With nearly a full pound of weight removed from the first 12 inches of the barrel, where coincidentally, the majority of heat is generated, the surface area is increased by a whopping 81%. Barrel weight is reduced to just 2 lbs. 9 oz. The barrel is produced with match grade blanks in 1:7 twist yielding light weight and excellent accuracy needed for many applications. Fitted with the optional 4 screw front sight and Daniel Defense rail you can own a copy of the Army's DM-R upper.
Barrels come machined for the standard four screw front sight base
Optional "F" height Front sight base with four windage adjustment screws add $45.00
Wylde chambering
16" barrel length ......
Barrel is threaded 1/2-28 for flash hider or brake

Total Value:  $2,3001:7 Twist SS match grade WOA Upper, BCM BCG:  $1,000
RRA Lower w/ 6 pos adjustable stock:  $350
Giesselle Match 2 stage Trigger:  $250
EOTECH red Dot:  $320
Foregrip/ Bipod:  $100
Laser + Light:  $100
MI front & rear flip up iron sights: $150
3 point tactical Sling:  $20
Magpul 30 rnd magazine w/ window: $20

WOA Upper, RRA Lower
Giessel Trigger, Eotech, Laser + Light + Foregrip/ bipod





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